The Cat Food Chronicles
First Book: Part One through Six  

Book & Goals

Ultimately, I want people to read and enjoy my books. This of course, is why I write, but before all that happens, I do my work. Which means, I study, I read, I research, I write, then I edit, edit, edit! I have spent years learning my craft and developing a body of work that I am proud of. Here is that work so far:


The Book series

Ivan Moltenbocker Jr. Presents

Is as follows:

Adventures of Allegra Alaska

Baby Green Thumb

Doggie Biscuit

Hawaii, Hawaii

How Come You So Happy

Hugs and Kisses Please

Ivan Moltenbocker Jr's Bookclub

Mrs Old Lady

My Amazing Blanket

My First Phonebook, with Octavia Odette, The Octupus Pet

My Soft Silly Bed

My Toes are Froze

Sassafrass and Cutiepie's Trail Walk

Senor Matador's Chores

Softy Magrue's Pillow Palace

The Cookie Crook

Who Let The dogs Out?


The Cat Food Chronicles

The Not So Great Train Robbery
A Shennanigans O'Coleman Story

Definitely Dusk

Deloris Morris


"I'm Not Yelling"
A Workbook For The Menstrually Challenged

Politically Incorrect Bartending
Secret Drinks & Outright Lies
The Definitive Guide To Bartending

Politically Incorrect Baby Names
How To Ruin Your Childs Life From The Very Start The Definitive Guide To Baby Names

Politically Incorrect Dieting
Get Skinny or (Die...T)rying
The Definitive Guide to Dieting

Politically Incorrect Parenting
The Secret To Controlling Your Child And Other People Too
The Definitive Guide To Raising Great Kids

Politically Incorecct Polling
Get Your Poll On, Or At Least In
The Definitive Guide To Polling


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