The Cat Food Chronicles
First Book: Part One through Six

Cat Poems & Haiku

Black cat tango tale
moonlit nites siamese passion
stealthy feline fire

By Rick Pruett


I never knew cats but this one knew me,

She put her side to my side and purred love into me.

She follows me about, a menace,

to the store, to the neighbors, to the bathroom!

One morning I woke up in all my clothes,

and she was sleeping right on my head.

She'd extended her little paw as far as she could,

and gave me a hug.

Oh she's funny and she plays the violin pretty well.

I caught her smoking she said she absolutely detested it,

but I caught her again.

Once she demanded tap dancing lessons,

she's a night person, can you imagine?

She loves cheese and though I hate to admit it,

Jerry Springer.

I've never heard her sneeze but once I think,

so I asked her, have I heard you sneeze?

Her reply... ah-choo!

I really, really miss her.

By Maya Pruett

My Friend Rocky

I know a cat
who's super fat
some think it's wrong
but I like him like that

he can't jump or run fast
his time of mouse catching is past
he's big and he's strong
but his roam is not vast

he may have pet dander
but, may I say with candor
if he came along
all my food I would pander

By Chris Coleman

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