The Cat Food Chronicles
First Book: Part One through Six

Hi everyone,

It's me, Spooky Sinclair. I'm the lead character in the book The Cat Food Chronicles and recently I was asked to give you a breakdown of Book One: Part One thru Part Six, so here it goes ...


Part One:

It was a regular 'ole Friday night at the Spyder And The Fly Salon & Day Spa. Holly Worthington, the owner of the shop, had just finished payroll when celebutante Callie Bryant walked through the door and changed our lives forever.


Part Two:

After a long night in the hospital worrying about Holly's head injury. I was at the shop minding my own business when in walks none other then Leonard Albert Kravitz.

That's right ladies, Lenny Kravitz!

Looking beautiful as ever, Lenny sits down for a deep conditioning and thorough scientific brushing.

Asleep in his lap I get the inkling that we might be soulmates. So I spend a little time purring sweet nothings into his perfectly tuned ear.

The day couldn't have been more glorious. Right up until the part when Lily gets arrested and goes to jail.



Part Three:

After a serious jar to the head. Holly makes a quantum leap by channeling the entity Miro.This Miro tells Hol in no uncertain terms that Callie Bryant is part and parcel of his master plan.

This leads to a crazy journey that entails finding and saving our neighbor's cat Tuna. Tuna, who has recently been catnapped, is being held prisoner on the Eastbay's, Treasure Island. When Holly helps to find Tuna, she also finds The Oracle, and is transported back in time to a past life.


Part Four:

It's opening night and our Romeo and Juliet have never sung so well.

Spencer's rock opera has just re-opened to a sell out crowd. Omar and Detective Richardson are getting along fabulously. And Wednesday's dinner at the parents was a smash hit.

Everything is going along just great, until stupid Callie Bryant dies on stage.

Part Five:

All the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together. Unfortunately, it is at my expense. That's when the girls turn to Detective Richardson and their closest friends, to help solve the mystery.


Coming soon

in paperback!

Part Six:

When Callie's death takes the crew to Hollyweird California, the one and only city of angels. Everyone gets a reality check. In fact, they may even get a reality show!

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