The Cat Food Chronicles
The Writers Life...and the scholarship goes to...  

 Rocky’s Testimonial

Hi I’m Rocky,

When Maya first started writing her book, I looked like this:


Once she started testing her delicious cat food recipes on me, life changed. Here I am after three months of the best cat food I‘ve ever feasted upon!


* Her recipes are to die for, and since I have nine lives, I don’t sweat it.

Zugi's Testimonial

Hi I’m Zugi,

My name is Native Alaskan, meaning littlest of the family, and as you can see, I am not a cat. Here I am, aren’t I cute?



Now, all of you who know Maya can attest to her love for sharing, be it your food, your clothes, your parents, etc... Anywho...even though I am not a cat, Maya is a sharer and she shared every recipe developed for The Cat Food Chronicles with little ole me. Here I am today happy and full:


Cat food even a dog would love ...who would have thought?

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